Track: Marooned / Trip Hop

I tried to create a Triphop track in the style of Massive Attack. As seen in the video, this was done DAWless on hardware synthesizers: Digitone plays the drum pattern and the Novation PEAK and also provides the MIDI clock. EX5 is in it's 16 voice performance mode, song sequencer playing a chain of 4 patterns (intro, verse, break, silence), providing pads, sub bass, the harp sound and some sound effects. The pad sound is a pure saw wave routed through the additional audio outputs into my pedal board. I use the Strymon Big Sky's brightness setting for creating that sublime filter sweep effect. The 1010 Music Blackbox is synced to the Digitone, playing back the guitar and vocal track recorded previously. Music recorded, mixed and mastered on a Zoom R24, as can be seen in the video. As also seen in this video, absolutely no skill whatsoever is needed for playing this live, but the preperation for this took quite some hours. :-)