Weather (Digitone, ARQ-96)

This song is called "Weather". It's my entry for the "808 sound challenge". I tried to to something in the style of 80s synth pop (OMD, Aztec Camera...). The whole thing was sequenced on the ARQ-96, which plays the 808 samples and some synth tracks, and also controls the PEAK and the Digitone. The song is made up from 12 different patterns of 2 - 8 bars length, which were arranged in song mode. I played that song back and did the filter & synth expression stuff on the fly, recording the whole thing on my Zoom R24, and added vocals, the EWI and the metallophone and that "Da" voice on top. I hope the lyrics are kind of humorous and I didn't mess up the pronounciation too much. It's a story about someone I met every morning until I didn't.