Zoom R24 multitrack recorder review, in a practical way (DAWless recording)

Continuing the adventures of Sad Piano, this week, I'm taking a closer look at my Zoom R24, which is the machine I use most of all my equipment. In this video, I'm creating a 30-second sequence using 3 synths (Yamaha EX5, Novation PEAK, ZOOM ARQ-96), acoustic guitar and Sad Piano. The video gives a short introduction to the R24's user interface and shows the setup- and recording process. The R24 is a battery powered 24-track audio recorder, which also happens to be an USB audio interface with 8 audio inputs and 2 stereo audio outputs. There's also a drum computer and an audio sequencer built-in, but that's a topic for another video. Please excuse the poor commentary in the EQing section, I didn't hear my own voice very well while recording that. :-)